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"In 200.000 years on Earth, humanity has upset the balance of the planet, estabilished by nearly four billion years of evolution. The price to pay is high, but it's too late to be a pessimist: humanity has barely ten years to reverse the trend, become aware of the full extent of its spoliation of the Earth's riches and change its patterns of consumption.

By bringing us unique footage from over fifty countries, all seen from the air, by sharing with us his wonder and his concern, with this film Yann Arthus-Bertrand lays a foundation stone for the edifice that, together, we must rebuild."

The movie features beautiful cinematography. If for no other reason, then watch it just because it's a masterpiece in showing off the beauties of Earth. Smile

Take a picture of your phone's user upon entering wrong unlock code/pattern and send it to yourself via email silently

This is a nice intro into using SL4A+Python with Tasker. And the actual task (silently take a photo of a possible thief) is useful as well.

How to execute a shell script from init.rc after boot finished

Place something like this in your init.rc:
on property:dev.bootcomplete=1
    start bootcomplete_handler

service bootcomplete_handler /system/bin/sh /system/bin/bc_handler.sh
    class late_start
    user root
    group root

How to fix the partial wakelock problem on CyanogenMod 11 with Google Play Services and OTA updates

For me only SystemUpdateService$SecretCodeReceiver had to be disabled. All other activities, receivers and services with a name starting with "SystemUpdate" were already disabled. I used ADB + "pm disable" to disable this one component.
Here is a list of commands to disable all SystemUpdate "stuff" via ADB (of course it requires a rooted phone with some sort of "su" installed):

How to fix your Skype profile/database after switching from 4.2 to 4.3 on Ubuntu 14.04 (x86_64)

Run the following SQL using sqlite3 on your main.db database (which is inside your $HOME/.Skype/<skype_username> directory) ...

How to get the exact time and date of upload of YouTube videos

The YouTube page of a video displays only the date the video was published. However the YouTube API provides a way to get the exact date+time of upload, as well as publishing.

5 Awesome Open Source Cloning Software

"This is a list of the free and open source software for disk imaging and cloning that you can use for GNU/Linux, *BSD and Mac OS X desktop operating systems.

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