The absolute minimum every software developer absolutely, positively must know about unicode and character sets (no excuses!)

I just found this article about Unicode. It's a very good primer for folks who already heard about the topic, but never took the time to read an article and get started with the terms and definitions. I really liked its title too so I kept it for this blog entry. Wink

If you are involved in PHP development you probably already know that it lacks "proper" (or some would say "any") Unicode support. It seems that finally there's something going on behind the scenes however it won't be ready by tomorrow. The artice "PHP and Unicode: A Love at Fifth Sight" talks about what we can expect in future regarding PHP and Unicode. The PDF pres. mentions PHP 5.1 which is already out, but it seems that the Unicode support is still not there. Anyway, the plans in the doc seem good ... we just have to wait (some years :->) til it gets into the core.