Windows System Resource Manager

We are using Win2003 servers at my company as Terminal Servers and thinclients to access them. This helps a lot with reducing maintenance costs/etc., but it's a total crap when it comes to resource management/control. Microsoft realized this and wrote a separate application to cover this handicap. It's called "Windows System Resource Manager" and it's shipped together with the Enterprise Edition of Win2003 ... or you can download it from here.

It allows you to create process profiles ("Process Matching Criteria") and resource profiles ("Resource Allocation Policies"). You can allocate a percentage of your server's CPU and memory capacity to a group of applications ... or you can split system resources equally among all (or a group of) users. It's well customizable and easy to use/understand.

My only problem with this is the approach. Shock I think that the OS should have a decent process scheduler built in by default (with resource management capabilities) ... which would make such "extras" unnecessary.