How to disable the single-click open of files in Konqueror

It's quite annoying (especially for KDE-newbies) that a single-click on a file in Konqueror already opens it. Windows users got used to the "click to select, then click and drag" way of moving files from one dir to another, and they curse Linux to hell whenever they click a file and it already starts its default associated application. It's quite easy to change this if you know where to look Smile, but caused me some headaches since I was looking for it in Konqueror's preferences. However you've to go to "System Settings" / "Keyboard & Mouse" / "Mouse" / "General" tab and change in the "Icons" section the selection from "Single-click to open files and folders" to "Double-click ...".


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Thanks my friend! I've been using KDE for years but forgot where to get this. Googled it and you were first to come up. Good work!


I'm happy to see that -at least from time to time- somebody else gets help from my shared experiences. Smile

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