Volume Down + Power button combination won't take a screenshot

I'm not quite sure what triggered it, but it did happen: the screenshot combo (volume down + power buttons) did not take a screenshot. Instead the volume was decreased (as if the Power button was not pressed at all). However both buttons worked separately as expected. This occured after the first few hours I spent setting up the phone, going through all apps, screens, settings, etc. A reboot solved the problem though.


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Hi, same problem.
I have SensatioN ROM 3.3 ICS by Crysis21 on SGS2, pushing Volume down immediately decreases volume with notification in center of screen. When I hold vol down + power few seconds, phone turns OFF. Booted UP phone, but problem is not solved.

Re: Same

Try a "hard" reboot. I.e. shut down the phone and take out the battery for a couple of seconds. This was not necessary for me, but I know from experience that there is a difference between a "soft" reboot and a "hard" reboot, even for (smart)phones.

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