DETERMINISTIC hint for stored functions

I was quite thrilled, when I first read about the "DETERMINISTIC" compiler hint introduced in 8i. Unfortunately it works not as one would hope/expect. Sad

Default UI language in OpenOffice for all users

The tricky part here is that the default UI language is determined by a setting in a file that is not present by default in the OO directory. Smile
It should be at the following path: <OO_DIR>\share\registry\data\org\openoffice\Office\Linguistic.xcu

The name of the setting is UILocale in the General section. It's easier if you first start OO with any user, set the UI language and default locale in OO itself, then copy the Linguistic.xcu file from the user's OO settings folder ("<profile_base>\Application Data\OpenOffice.org2\user\registry\data\org\openoffice\Office\Linguistic.xcu") to the previously described path in the OO directory. Now you can edit this Linguistic.xcu to include only those settings that you want to have a default for all users. Smile

OpenOffice langpacks for Windows

One would think that finding langpacks for the popular office suite takes just a few clicks with Google. But it does not! Shock I had to do quite some digging to find at last. Another good source is

Dove Önbecsülési Alap

Most láttam egy rövid reklámot, mely a Dove által létrehozott ún. Önbecsülési Alapot népszerűsítette. Eme kezdeményezés a fiatal lányok és nők önértékelési problémáin hivatott segíteni.

Digitális fényképezők - kompakt kontra SLR (avagy mit vegyünk és miért) :-)

Pár évvel ezelőtt tettem egy ígéretet arra vonatkozóan, hogy leírom tapasztalataimat és tanácsaimat digitális fényképezőgépekkel és azok vásárlásával kapcsolatban. Szégyen szemre erről teljesen megfeledkeztem, de most igyekszem bepótolni.

Hobbit és tünde név-generátor :-)))

Az imént találtam két linket Zina blogján: egy fantörpikus hobbit és tünde név-generátort. Smile

Mostantól akár Nob Gamwich of the Bree Gamwiches néven is szólíthattok, ha a Megyében járnék ... ill. Elendil Táralóm néven, ha netán Völgyzugolyban futnánk össze. Wink

ui: kiváncsi lennék vajon megfordítható-e a generátor algoritmusa ... Wink

Automatized backup of files and directories

This is again a script that people could write easily if they understood some shell scripting, but it is quite well implemented with logging and all and maybe spares a couple of minutes/hours of your time. Smile

You should use it with crontab on a daily basis. For details take a look at the desc. of the MySQL backup script.

MTK (Müzso Toolkit)

A client of my company asked for the customization of the JavaScript builtin confirm() dialogs: they wanted to replace the standard text ("OK" and "Cancel") on the dialog's buttons with "Yes" and "No" labels. I did some web-crawling on the topic and arrived at Steve's Custom Alert Demonstration. This was a good start, but it lacked several features that I was looking for, so I decided to write my own pseudo-modal dialog handler library. Smile Take a look at the included example!

Automatized backup of MySQL databases

I was given the task to write a script that makes daily backups of our company's MySQL databases and keeps only the most recent <n> of them (where <n> is a positive integer Wink ). This is not a big deal for anyone with some knowledge of shell scripting, but I publish it nonetheless, because I think the implementation is quite nice and might spare some minutes/hours for beginners.

Ripples - a 256 byte demo

I've learnt x86 assembly in the summer before I went to the university (1996). I saw that there're some 256-byte competitions in Hungary and tried to write my own little demo so I can enter, too. Smile

Update (2015.05.05): I've recorded a short video of the running demo (used DOSBox with Ubuntu), you check it out here

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