Moving data between different versions of the Oracle database

The point is: if you move data from a higher version DB to a lower version DB, then you have to use for both export and import the utilities of the lower version DB. If you are moving data "up" between versions, then export with the EXP utility of the source DB and import with the IMP of the destination DB.

I'm doing such data moving quite rarely (once in one or two years) and always had to rediscover the know-how over and over again. Hopefully I'll remember it now that I made this note in my blog. Smile

The info came originally from AskTom.

Moving columns of LONG datatype from one table to another

The easiest method is to use the COPY command in SQLPLUS. Tom Kyte has a nice example on this.

MPAA is going after torrent search sites

Techconnect According to BetNews, MPAA is now suing torrent search sites, because "they are a critical piece of the infrastructure that enables movie piracy". Hmm. I'm glad it's not their place to decide what is piracy and what is not. In a parallel world ruled by MPAA one would have to pay even for writing down a movie title. :->

K-PAX - A belső bolygó


Ez nem egy szokványos filmajánló lesz, hiszen nem éppen tegnap kezdték játszani a mozik. Viszont most vetítették az mtv1-en és felmerült bennem pár gondolat.

Life in the Googleplex

Did you ever wonder how a Google employee spends her/his breaks? Smile Now Time's photo essay gives you a short glimpse at how life goes at Googleplex.

Nanny McPhee - A varázsdada


Csodálatos mese varázslatról, gyerekekről, felnőttekről és álmokról. Smile Csak azoknak ajánlom, akik szeretik a meséket és képesek elrugaszkodni a valóságtól. Nagyszerű film Emma Thompsontól ... ugyanis a címszerepen kívül a forgatókönyv is az övé. Smile

Making external links open in a new window

I wanted that by default all external links on my page open in a new window (or tab), but I wanted to have an option to force specific links to open in same window. I also wanted to keep XHTML 1.0 Strict compliancy ... so "target" attribute in the anchor tags was not an option.

TinyMCE - a WYSIWYG editor

Today I've read about TinyMCE (a Javascript based WYSIWYG editor) on I played around with the demo on their website and I'm quite impressed. Shock It's very usable and (according to the news at the Drupal site) very easy to integrate wit Drupal-powered websites.

Windows Update through a proxy server

It's far from trivial how to use Microsoft's Windows Update service if the net is available only through a proxy server. I've done it some times in the past, but forgot the details so I had to go over it again. Now I'll describe the major steps (assuming the OS is Windows XP) so I won't have to rediscover the tricks anew ... and maybe it'll help others too. Smile

Google integrates chat inside Gmail

It's an interesting concept to move IM clients into browser applications. However I've no problem with separate IM clients and I won't switch over unless Gmail's integrated chat is going to provide all the features (or even more) that I'm used to with my favourite IM client, Miranda.

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