Ghostery seems to be inherently slow

Don't take me wrong: I'm all for Ghostery. It's a really great initiative and the functionality seems to be OK. The only problem is with performance.

Firefox and extension compatibility

It seems that nowadays Firefox determines an extension's version compatibility not (solely) based on the install.rdf file that is packaged in the extension (the XPI archive), but some other source (eg. some data from addons.mozilla.org?). I've started going through the install.rdf files of my extensions and found that Nuke Anything Enhanced's install.rdf contains a <em:minVersion>2.0</em:minVersion> and a <em:maxVersion>3.7a1pre</em:maxVersion>. And it works perfectly with my Firefox 4.01. The extension's page at addons.mozilla.org says that it's compatible with Firefox versions ranging from 2.0 to 6.*. If the extension itself does not state this compatibility, then it must come from somewhere else.

An extended list for use with the User Agent Switcher extension

There's a topic here about user agent lists for the User Agent Switcher extension. I've taken the list from the last entry and added a lot more UserAgents to it. You can find the list attached to this post too.

DownloadHelper and quality of YouTube videos

The DownloadHelper extension shows that many YouTube videos have multiple versions available, labeled as HQ18, HQ22, HQ35, etc. This blogpost explains which label covers which quality. The point is: HQ22 is the highest available.

Bugfix for the Clear Cache Button Firefox extension

Chris Holtz created a very useful little extension called "Clear Cache Button". Its mere purpose is to provide a button/icon that you can put in your Firefox toolbar and clear both memory and disk caches with a single click of the icon. Unfortunately with the 0.9 versions the extension broke for the MacOSX users that have not installed the Growl notification framework.

Aardvark - remove elements from a page (a Firefox extension)

"Powerful and user-friendly selector utility for selecting elements and doing various actions on them. It can be used for cleaning up a page prior to printing it (by removing and isolating elements), and for web development."

I used to have the Nuke Anything Enhanced extension in my Firefox profiles, but Aardvark offers a lot more and is just as small/lightweight.

A slight difference between the two is that Aardvark can remove only whole HTML elements from a page, while Nuke Anything Enhanced can remove (seemingly) any part of the page (eg. a selected text inside a paragraph, etc.).

How to make "Paste Without Formatting" the default paste operation in Thunderbird

First of all, you'll have to install the Keyconfig extension. It allows one to override some existing keyboard shortcuts or define new shortcuts both in Firefox and in Thunderbird. The Thunderbird command name for the "Edit / Paste Without Formatting" operation is cmd_pasteNoFormatting. So all you have to do is to assign a new shortcut to the default "Paste" key binding and assign the Ctrl+V to this cmd_pasteNoFormatting command. I've done it and it worked for me on Mac OS X and with TB

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