Ice Cream Sandwich explained: MTP - what is it, why use it, and how to set it up

It seems I won't use my Galaxy Nexus on my LTSP thin client through my new USB cradle any time soon. Sad Probably I'll dig up the necessary LTSP modifications to make it work, but not right now. Wi-Fi works just fine. Or almost fine. For some reason if I do long data transfers, the transmit speed gradually fades away ... right until connection is lost. Try to copy a 2GB file from your Nexus to an SSH server (via some SFTP client, eg. AndFTP) and you'll most probably see what I mean.

An easy way to start a HTTP server serving static content/files

I was looking for a oneliner to start a HTTP server and serve static content from a directory. Python's SimpleHTTPServer is the perfect match for the job. Smile Python is already installed by most linux distributions by default and it's easily available for a lot of other platforms as well. Starting your own little HTTP server was never easier than this:
python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080
And to access it, open the http://localhost:8080/ URL.

H.264 encoding speeds with various profiles

Libx264 has various preset profiles that determine how fast (and at what compression ratio + quality) it's going to work. I've run a simple, 450KB file through this on a pretty outdated server with an older (v0.6) ffmpeg. Here're the timing results (measured in seconds) for each preset profile ...

How to install Exim4 on a local (LAN) host to use an SMTP smarthost for sending mail

First of all: install exim Smile
apt-get install exim4 bsd-mailx
Now we have to reconfigure it, because by default it won't deliver any mails to any external address:
dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config

After rooting the Galaxy Nexus the phone gets stuck at the "Google" boot logo

It happened to me that after executing install-superboot-mac.sh the phone rebooted and gut stuck at the Google boot logo. The phone did not react to anything I tried (pressing buttons, eg. both Volume buttons or one of the Volume buttons and the Power button), disconnecting the USB cable did nothing either. I've reconnected the USB cable and executed /Applications/android-sdk-macosx/platform-tools/adb reboot which did the trick, the phone rebooted and this time normally. And the phone got rooted, the Superuser app was there. Smile

It's not possible to put an enter/newline in an SMS or MMS using the standard Android on-screen editor

It seems that I'm not the only one who finds this strange. Obviously UI designers at Google think that newline in an SMS is totally silly and people should forget about it. Well, that's one way to do things.

How to easily transfer contacts from any (Bluetooth capable) phone to an Android phone

There're at least a thousand and one ways to do this, but imho the bluetooth method is the most simple. On your old phone open the phonebook, select all entries and send them to the new phone via Bluetooth. On the new phone you'll get a notiication about each received contact (*.vcf file), click each to import them into the Android phonebook. This worked for me during a Nokia N95 -> Google Galaxy Nexus migration.

Missing Face Unlock on a few Galaxy Nexus phones

Mine shipped with ICS v4.0.1 and there was no Face Unlock option among the Screen Unlock options (just as Chris described in his cellphones.ca question). I guess an update to 4.0.2 or 4.0.3 will solve the mystery.
(4.0.4 just came out a few days ago, but it is reported to have serious issue with losing connectivity while in sleep mode ... so it's probably a no go for me)

Volume Down + Power button combination won't take a screenshot

I'm not quite sure what triggered it, but it did happen: the screenshot combo (volume down + power buttons) did not take a screenshot. Instead the volume was decreased (as if the Power button was not pressed at all). However both buttons worked separately as expected. This occured after the first few hours I spent setting up the phone, going through all apps, screens, settings, etc. A reboot solved the problem though.

Samba Bug 8414 - Cannot delete/rename files on samba 3.6.0 shares

I was hit by this bug too on an Ubuntu Maverick (10.10) server with Samba v3.5.4. The solution was to stop all Samba daemons (smbd, nmbd, winbind), purge the contents of the /var/run/samba directory and restart the daemons. Pretty simple, but this was the last thing I tried.

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