TinyMCE - a WYSIWYG editor

Today I've read about TinyMCE (a Javascript based WYSIWYG editor) on drupal.org. I played around with the demo on their website and I'm quite impressed. Shock It's very usable and (according to the news at the Drupal site) very easy to integrate wit Drupal-powered websites.

They say at TinyMCE's homepage that the editor is capable of producing XHTML code. This is a bit generic (XHTML has more than one flavours), so I took a glimpse at their example of XHTML 1.0 validation ruleset and found (just to start with) that anchor tags can have "target" attributes. This is only allowed in XHTML Transitional so I assume they meant this XHTML spec. when they claimed that their example "will validate that the page complies fully with the XHTML specification". It'd be nice to have out-of-the-box XHTML Strict validation (as lazy as I'm Laughing out loud), but of course one can write a ruleset on her/his own.

One more thing that occured to me is that this editor generates (X)HTML content and submits it to the Drupal form processors. This can mean two things:
  1. Either you have to allow all HTML in you user inputs
  2. or you have to make a filter in Drupal that allows exactly the subset of (X)HTML that you configured in your TinyMCE setup.
It'd be nice if there would be some way to automagically convert TinyMCE's validation rules into a Drupal filter. Shock

All-in-all: this editor seems to be pretty nice stuff and I'm already considering to add it to my site. Wink