Don't mess with Google

[Techconnect] The German websites of car maker BMW have been kicked out of the Google index a recent blog pointed out. at this time has a PageRank of 0. A search for BMW Germany, which only days ago yielded as a top result, now doesn’t show any sign of at all. Instead, – BMW’s international site – is on top for this search.

Apparently we're not far from the day, when an internet-giant (such as Google) can make something (eg. a company) completely disappear from before the eyes of regular users. I would not even be surprised if somebody/something would get totaly control without us recognizing it. Shock Eg. most people didn't realize how much power Verisign has just until they started to repond to requests for not existing domain names with one of their own IP addresses. I find the amount of control focusing in the hands of a couple of companies quite troubling.