Google integrates chat inside Gmail

It's an interesting concept to move IM clients into browser applications. However I've no problem with separate IM clients and I won't switch over unless Gmail's integrated chat is going to provide all the features (or even more) that I'm used to with my favourite IM client, Miranda.

The advantage of a browser-based client is that you don't have to install any additional software since the browser is already there in all internet-connected workstations. This is very good for people who usually access the net from public places like net-cafes, etc., but it is of not much appeal to me since I access the net only at home and at work, and I can setup a stable (not vanishing and more or less trusted) environment in both places.

However I'd consider the move from Miranda if Gmail's chat would support multiple IM networks (MSN and ICQ at least) and most features that I used to have in a separate client app. But I think this will take a while, since Google itself released a separate client (Google Talk) which means that not even they can integrate all the features into a webapp at the moment.