Automatized backup of MySQL databases

I was given the task to write a script that makes daily backups of our company's MySQL databases and keeps only the most recent <n> of them (where <n> is a positive integer Wink ). This is not a big deal for anyone with some knowledge of shell scripting, but I publish it nonetheless, because I think the implementation is quite nice and might spare some minutes/hours for beginners.

The script uses zsh (the shell of my choice), but most of it would work in Bash, too. You should run it from crontab on a daily basis, which means you have to:
  1. place the attached mysql_backup.zsh in a directory of your choice (eg. ${HOME}/bin)
  2. open the script in a text editor (eg. vi) and add the necessary "do_backup" commands with the necessary parameters for backing up your databases
  3. extract your current crontab with something like crontab -l > .crontab
  4. add a new line to the end of ".crontab" with this: 0 3 * * * ${HOME}/bin/mysql_backup.zsh
  5. overwrite the crontab settings with crontab .crontab
That's all. Smile

mysql_backup-1.0.0.zsh1.42 KB
mysql_backup-1.1.0.zsh1.7 KB
mysql_backup-1.2.0.zsh2.33 KB
mysql_backup-1.3.0.zsh2.38 KB
mysql_backup-1.4.0.zsh2.38 KB
mysql_backup-1.5.0.zsh2.51 KB
mysql_backup-1.6.0.zsh2.66 KB
mysql_backup-1.7.0.zsh2.66 KB


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MySQL backup v1.3.0

This version adds the option to specify the date format used in the logfile. By default it uses the RFC2822 format.

MySQL backup v1.4.0

I just realized that the last uploaded version did not contain the fix for the cleanup of old backups. The -ctime parameter of find did not contain the + prefix before the number of days, thus it was only deleting backups that were exactly of the specified age and skipped older ones.

MySQL backup v1.5.0

  • use of nice (with "-n +19") to limit the CPU resources consumed by the bzip2 compression
  • separated the mysqldump command from the bzip2 compression so the former is not affected in any way by the latter
  • use of quotes around all path related shell variables

MySQL backup v1.6.0

  • if the hostname parameter for a do_backup call is "localhost" or "", then the generated filename will contain the real hostname (fetched from the output of the hostname command) instead

MySQL backup v1.7.0

  • Bugfix: the "days" variable was not used properly in the cleanup code, find ... -mtime +${days} returned ${days}+2 items. Replaced it with an ls -1t + tail -n +$((days+1)) combo.
  • Bugfix: in case the directory specified by the "backupdir" variable was not writable, the script still tried to log an error message in that directory.