Word count in Kate

Recently I've posted on how to use External Tools in Kate. I wanted to use the word count example script that is described in the article about "DCOP scripting the Kate application". But it didn't work. Of course I did not give up and finally made my version that works.

First of all, in current version of Kate (which is 2.5.6 at the moment of writing) the use of *.desktop files (as described in the article) does not work. I tried it a number of times (both in my own $HOME/.kde/share/apps/kate/scripts directory and in the global /usr/share/apps/kate/scripts directory) and could not make Kate recognize and automatically add my script to the menu. Of course if one would read thoroughly enough ... Wink Before the article there's a warning in italics that tells you what I've discovered on my own. The *.desktop files are past and you've to manually add your script in "Configuration / External Tools".

Create a new entry in Ext. Tools and add the following properties:
  • Label: Word count
  • Script: kate-wordcount.sh
  • Executable: kate-wordcount.sh
  • Mime types: <can be left empty>
  • Save: none
  • Command line name: word-count
Now create a script in a terminal and name it kate-wordcount.sh. The script should contain the following:

kate_proc=`dcop kate\*`
kate_doc=`dcop ${kate_proc} KateDocumentManager activeDocumentNumber`
set -- `dcop ${kate_proc} EditInterface#${kate_doc} text | wc`
kdialog --title "Word count" \
  --msgbox "Lines: $1\nWords: $2\nCharacters: $3"

Put this script to a directory that is in your $PATH variable and you're all done. Clicking "Word count" in External Tools will pop up a dialog window containing the line, word and character counts of the active document in Kate.

PS: thanks to airwin for the tip with the set command. I tried to split the output of wc into variables with read, but apparently it sucks when used in a pipe (at least in sh and bash, however it works in zsh). airwin pointed out that it works if I put read in parenthesis (eg. cat somedoc.txt | wc | (read lines words chars; echo "Lines: $lines\nWords: $words\nCharacters: $chars")), but set seemed to be an even better solution.


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This does work with Kate 3.7.2 on OpenSuSE 12.1 64-bit

No matter what an end user does, external tools will not accept the script addition.

Re: This does work with Kate 3.7.2 on OpenSuSE 12.1 64-bit

I guess you meant "this doesn't work with Kate 3.7.2 on OpenSuSE 12.1 64-bit". I'd have been surprised if it did. I wrote this post over 4 years ago and probably a lot has changed both in KDE and in Kate since then.