PhotoGrabber - a free and open-source Facebook album/photo downloader app

A cross platform desktop application to download images from Facebook. It's written in Python.

The GUI lets you to download all photos uploaded by a user or tagged, etc. If you want to download a single album, you've to use the commandline interface.
I've already written down the know-how, so I'll just copy&paste it here ...

The feature to download a single album was added with v2.100, but it's available only from the command line interface for now.

To use it, you need the numeric ID of the album you want to download.
You can get it both via PhotoGrabber or simply by visiting the album and fetching the ID from the URL.

Method#1: via PhotoGrabber

a.) First list the numeric IDs of your friends with this: --cmd --list-targets friends

(or see PG's help (" --help") for other values for the --list-targets option)

b.) List the albums of your selected friend: --cmd --token FacebookToken --list-albums UserID

(this time you can use the same token -substitute it in place of "FacebookToken"- that you got in step#1 ... and of course use the UserID that you picked in step#1 as well)

c.) Download the album: --cmd --token FacebookToken --album AblumID --dir "$HOME/Downloads/Album"

(note that the directory specified with the --dir option must already exist)

Method#2: via Facebook itself

a.) Visit the album in Facebook.
It'll have an URL like this:

b.) The UserID is the 3rd number in the URL (it's 747274662 in the above example), the AlbumID is the first number (it's 10837657234745623 in the example). You only need the AlbumID.

To download the album, you just need one PG invocation: --cmd --album AblumID --dir "$HOME/Downloads/Album"


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Unfortunately the

Unfortunately the PhotoGrabber service has been discontinued as of April 30, 2015, according to this official announcement in their homepage (pay attention to the text in red).

In fact, due to Facebook API changes, many options (especially plugins, web extractors) worked amazingly now don't perform any more.

Personally I've tested dozens of methods to download or transfer Facebook photos/albums for the sake of backup, only to find 7 still work today (by the time I tested and updated). I've shared my findings in this post in case you want to check it out:

I'll try my best to keep the page updated if there is any outdated or new options.

Re: Unfortunately the

Thanks for the feedback!

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