My name is Zsolt Müller (and no, unfortunately I've nothing to do with the well known Müller franchise Smile ). I was born in Budapest (Hungary) in 1978, started working with computers at the age of 16 (there was some C64 gaming and hacking before I got my first PC at 16 Smile ), got my MSc at BME in Computer Science at the age of 24. I've been working with all sorts of technologies ever since. Lately I've been involved in Java + Microservices + Kubernetes based developments.

I've already got a few job offers based on my blog, but a URL obviously cannot be presented to a CTO (or other executive). So it seemed useful to put my CV online. I've got a LinkedIn profile too.

I've a link library (actually a set of posts with a URL, a title and a short description) that contains all sorts of useful sites that I've stumbled upon and visited in the past. Check it out, maybe you'll find something of interest. The latest bunch of these links are visible on every page of my blog in the "Recent links" block on the left side.

Here're a few links to my PGP key in case you want to contact me securely: