RTI Tech sues Google

[Techconnect] Who on Earth is RTI Tech? Well, they invented VoIP (Voice over IP), apparently, and they're going to make Google pay for implementing it in Google Talk without paying them, as allegedly another 120 firms worldwide (including IBM, Microsoft and Yahoo!) did.
While it's astounding that no one ever heard of the inventors of such a widespread and popular technology, copyright watchers will be having a field day with this one - Google says it's without merit, and that it will fight the lawsuit 'vigorously'. Could this be the time that the industry at large gets to understand how you can't really copyright abstract concepts? Nah.

This is not the first time for Google fighting copyright "owners". I'm curious to see whether they are strong enough to break the hegemony of "copyright pirates" who try to put their hands on common technologies like using windows in a GUI or browsing the net, etc. I think once it was in the news that somebody has copyright over mice clicks? Shock Where is software engineering headed to? Sad